What Is Tabata Protocol?

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What Is Tabata?

I bet you’re wondering “What is Tabata and what does it mean. If you are strapped for time and need a quick workout? Then you’re in the right place, busy mums and busy office workers will love this form of workout because it’s so short! Just 4 minutes in fact.  Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training that you can do in just 4 minutes! Originating in Japan by Professor Izumi Tabata, and designed to help speed skaters. This form of HIIT promising quick results, it’s effectively 8 sets of intervals with 20 seconds of maximal work followed by 10 seconds of rest.


Tabata Is A Form Of HIIT Training

High intensity interval training has gained in popularity tremendously over the last few years and as it grows so does the need for new and exciting workouts! Here we have put together some great workouts that you can do if you’re at the gym or at home, with weights or without weights, either way we’ve got you covered!



In these workouts your main aim is maximal effort, if you do not hit 4 minutes of total work it doesn’t matter, just get your heart rate up and you’ll get some of the benefits.


Claimed Benefits Of Tabata:


Fat Loss Through Increased Metabolic Rate At Rest


The following 24 hours your metabolism is going to raised above normal, therefore burning an increased amount of calories while you do nothing (although this is not an excuse to sit around all day)! We call this, THE AFTER BURN EFFECT.


Muscle Tissue Retention


HIIT and specifically Tabata, recruits fast twitch muscle fibres which helps maintain muscle tissue to some degree. therefore making this type of training an exceptional compliment to any strength training program where your training to add lean mass whilst keeping body fat levels down.


Both Anaerobic And Aerobic Capacity Increases


Studies showed a 28% increase in anaerobic capacity and improvements in VO2max. Showing that tabata protocol leads to increased stamina.