The Ultimate Tabata Exercise

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Here it is everyone The Original Tabata Exercise Protocol. As done by Mr Tabata himself and his team of speed skaters. I mean he didn’t do it but the original study carried out by Mr. Tabata was by his team of Speed Skaters. Plain and simple, jump on the bike and peddle like crazy! 


This is possibly the best Tabata Exercise you can do. Why? Because almost anyone can do it. It’s safe, and dare I say it “idiot proof”. This is one of the styles or variations I tend to use at the end of my clients workout to make sure they go home feeling like they’ve worked hard. 


On any type of exercise bike, stationary is the best. Do eight rounds of 20 sec. sprint 10 sec. rest.


Be sure to adjust the bike resistance so that there is resistance to work against. Cycling on low resistance at speed isn’t good for the knee joint. 


Add this tabata exercise to the end of your next workout and see if you can make the eight rounds. If you do it properly chances are you’ll want to give up after four or five rounds. Stick at it and push through. it’s only four minutes of hell. 

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