Train like an athlete with this Sprint Tabata


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Warning! This Sprint Tabata isn’t for the faint hearted. Only attempt this if you are pretty fit and are ready for a serious workout.


Seriously though, Tabata in it’s best form uses a variation of a sprint, so let’s keep it simple today by finding some space outside and going hard! Find a running track or big field, get your trainers on and go.


This Tabata workout is just 8 rounds of all out sprints for 20 seconds followed by a short 10 second rest. Have someone shout out the time intervals or get yourself one of those gymboss timers so you can hold it as you run.


You’ll find that by the time you slow down the 10 seconds will be up so get ready for an intense workout. It’ll be fun!


Be sure to do a 5 minute warm up, take the time to get your muscles warm especially your hamstrings and quads.


Expect to need to lay down at the end of it.


3, 2, 1…GO!

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