Tabata Routine With Olympic Lifts

Burn some serious fat and ramp up your metabolism with this free weight Tabata routine.

Ever watched an Olympic weightlifting event? This Tabata routine includes two of the best lifts you can do for a total body workout. 

The clean and press or jerk if you can jerk and the dumbbell snatch, which is technically much easier to perform than a barbell snatch. 

Olympic lifting style Tabata workout

You’ll need a barbell and a Dumbbell to complete this workout.

The exercises

  • Clean & Press
  • Dumbbell Snatch

As a circuit perform four rounds of Clean and Press and Dumbbell Snatch, alternating between the two doing 20 seconds of each with a 10 second rest interval.

The dumbbell snatch is one of my favorite exercises to develop speed and power through the hips which makes this Tabata routine great for athletes who take part in power sports.  

How To Make This Tabata Routine Harder or Easier

The clean is a hard move to master. Try starting off with a sumo squat to high pull and an extra round of thrusters (squat and press). 

  • 1 round of Sumo High Pull
  • 1 round of Thrusters
  • 4 rounds

After 4 rounds of that Tabata routine, you’ll know you’ve had a workout. 

Want to make it harder? Up the weight would be the obvious option and do one Tabata routine of just Clean & Jerk (4 minutes of just Clean & Press) followed by one routine of just Dumbbell Snatches.