The fastest way to target your lower abs and get that V

Destroy fat and cut those lower abs to get the V. Tabata ab workout that will help to dfine your entire core, ideal for a gym ab workout.

Everybody wants the “V” and this Tabata abs workout delivers! Three of the four ab exercises here specifically target your lower abs and obliques to give you that cut V shape. 

Follow in a circuit format from start to finish and repeat for 2 rounds (4 minutes in total)

Here are your four exercises 

  1. V-Sit
  2. Hanging Wipers
  3. Ball Slams
  4. Hanging Toes To Bar

Perform 20 sec. of each exercise followed by 10 sec. rest in traditional Tabata format. 

Want to make this Tabata Abs workout harder?

Split it up into two x four-minute cycles. Do the first two exercises back to back for four minutes followed by the second two exercises for the second bout of four minutes. 

Alternatively, you could do each exercise as its own Tabata ab workout accompanied with a static hold. i.e. 20 seconds V-Sit, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds V-Sit Hold, 10 seconds rest. repeat four times. Do this with all of the exercises to make a 20-minute abs workout (allow one-minute rest between your Tabata bouts). Your possibilities are endless.