Snatch and Go! Tabata HIIT with Dumbbells that you’ll love

This tabata uses dumbbells to deliver a fat burning workout that you can do at home or the gym. tabata workouts with dumbbells.

It’s so simple it works! I absolutely loved doing this Tabata HIIT workout, all you need is a dumbbell and you’re ready to go.

It’s summer here and we’ve had pretty good weather for the last couple of weeks, the gyms been hot, too hot for most but we’re troopers and all it means is we need to work harder.

Today I decided to finish off my routine with a quick Tabata HIIT.

I was doing some snatches and decided to add then to a Tabata, I didn’t want to do two weighted exercises, I wanted add something with a little speed. So squats it was.

Here’s the Tabata HIIT for today.

Remember to do the warm up below before you jump into this weighted Tabata HIIT.

Tabata Warm Up

the workout – Tabata HIIT with Dumbbells

Do 20 Seconds on. 10 Seconds off for 4 rounds of the following two exercises in in circuit.

  1. Dumbbell Power Snatch
  2. Air Squats
get hot and sweaty with this Tabata HIT workout, all you need is a dumbbell and you're good to go. Do this workout with our other Tabata HIIT workouts or use it as an add on to your current workout plan.

If you can do barbell power snatches give them a go, enough weight to get the reps in. Then the speed in the Air Squats will help maintain a high heart rate for when you go back into the snatches.

Alternate the arm worked on the snatches so you will work with only one arm per 20 second interval.

If you’ve got more time on your hands I’d advise trying a whole 8 rounds of snatches just for fun.

If the weights correct you’ll love it!

Have fun with it!

3, 2, 1, GO!

Destroy body fat and get into kiler shape with this dumbbell Tabata HIIT workout.