Tabata Abs Workout For Abs Of Steel

Who knew you could get a sweat on doing an ab workout. This tabata abs workout will work your core all over for a tighter flatter tummy.

This Tabata Abs workout is a killer! Here you’ll hit your abs and obliques using four core exercises. 


  1. Russian twists 
  2. Full Sit Up
  3. Oblique Sit Up
  4. Reverse Crunch 

Do 20 sec. of each exercise followed by 10 sec. rest. Repeat two rounds for a total of four minutes.

How to make this Tabata Abs Workout harder?

Got a bit more time? Split up the exercises and do four minutes of each exercise, it will literally cripple your abs (temporarily of course). I love to combine a few Tabata Abs Workouts together with my clients to make sure we don’t always do the same exercise, always keep those abdominal muscles guessing!