Killer Plank Tabata Ab Workout #4

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Next up in our Tabata Ab Workout series is #4 and its all about the planks! It started with a basic plank hold which has progressed into many variations and is actually hailed as the best exercise for your abs. excessive spinal flexion can be bad and lead to injury over time. Especially in our current lifestyle where we tend to sit for long periods and then go to the gym and do a load of flexion exercises. Anyway that's a separate debate in itself!


Your tabata ab workout awaits you!

Here it is;


  1. Mountain Climbers 
  2. Spiderman Plank
  3. High-Low Plank
  4. Plank Jacks

This is possibly the best Tabata ab workout you'll do as they all require a fair bit of upper body strength. Therefore it is important that you utilise the rest period between exercise and take some weight off your arms. 


to further make this Tabata ab Workout harder you could hold a static low plank during the rest periods. There an idea for you. try it and let me know how much your shoulders and core burns! 


P.S. make sure you engage your core through out and do not let your hips sag. Your upper body should remain nice and still throughout these four exercises. 

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