Tabata Exercise Library


Not sure about an exercise listed in our tabata workouts? We have listed as many of our exercises used here with a link to a youtube vdeo to help you out. If we have missed any simply type the exercise name into Google or YouTube and you'll be able to find the exercise that way.




Tabata Abs Exercises Used


Raised Leg Crunches

Ab Cycle

Plank Jacks

Mountain Climbers

Russian Twists

Full Sit Ups

Oblique Sit Up

Reverse Crunch


Hanging Wipers

Ball Slams

Hanging Toe-Bar

Spiderman Plank

High-Low Plank


Bodyweight Tabata Exercises


Double Unders



Push Ups

Switch Kicks

Tuck Jumps - 1 minute in

Wide Press Ups

Squat Thrusts

Alt. Lunge Jumps

Spiderman Push Ups

In Out Squats

T-Push Ups

Clap Press Ups - 1:30 min in

Jumping Jacks

180 Jumps 45 seconds in


Free Weights / Hybrid



Box Jumps

Hang Clean

Clean and Press


OH Squats

Pull Ups

Power Snatch


Front Squats

Sumo High Pull