Would a deadlift Tabata workout be effective?

Deadlifts develop power and strength through the postiror chain traditionally as well as hitting many other major muscle groups through the back choulders and arms so why not try deadlifts in your next tabata routine.


I decided to trial it with a few of my clients as i'd even thought it'll be less effective then say burpees or thrusters. Anyway we got into it, set the weight at their 10 rep max and go stuck in. It wasn't long before I realised this was working. Four minutes of deadlifts and were in pieces. Deadlifts demand so much from your body to lift so it makes an ideal high intensity exercise to try.


The next day when I spoke to my clients they were all suffering from DOMS, result! Deadlift Tabata, worth a try.


Mix up the style speed and depth to increase the intensity. Figure out which is the most intense for you. Do 8 sets of deadlifts 20 seconds of work vs 10 seconds of rest.

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