Cross Fit Style Tabata Workout

Not for beginnners. this is a tiugh crossfit inspired Tabata workout with weights that you will either love or hate. Try this quick HIIT to see if you survive the challenge.

The first Cross Fit Style Tabata Workout on our site! I love the Cross Fit ethos. Creating a sport out of fitness is genius. Since graduating from university, getting a full time job and completely stopping any sports my drive to train has dropped. Then I found CrossFit which gives me a reason to train again or the idea of beating someone. Comparing my times and scores. 

Anyway. Here is a CrossFit inspired Tabata workout that you can do the next time you hit the gym, with of course, a much loved exercise of mine. Thrusters! 

It’s hard but super fun. 

crossfit inspired tabata workout

Always complete a warm up before jumping into this Tabata.


Complete 2 rounds of the following four exercises. 20 seconds on 10 seconds off. 

  1. Thrusters 
  2. Box Jumps
  3. Hang Cleans 
  4. Pull Ups

Got more time to spare?

If you have more time and can handle the idea of doing eight rounds of the same exercise. Then make this four station Cross Fit Style Tabata Workout into a full 20 minute workout. Do each exercise as its own four minute Tabata workout with a one minute rest between.


Whatever way you do this Cross Fit Style Tabata workout I promise you’ll be smashed by the end of it. This will be one of the Tabata routines you’ll save and do time after time. 


Quick Tip: if you can’t do, or you’re not keen on Hang Cleans, change them for Burpees,  Dumbbell Snatch or American Swings.

3, 2, 1…GO!