Cardio Tabata Workout Routines

We call it Cardio tabata but all tabata has aerobic and anaerobic benefits. These workouts right here are dedicated to the traditional forms or Cardio such as running, cycling rowing and skipping and we have made a few fun tabata workouts just for you.

Sprint Tabata

Train like an athlete with this Sprint Tabata

By Tabata1 | Jul 24, 2017

  Get your 5 FREE 20 minute workouts NO spam pledge, we respect your privacy. Warning! This Sprint Tabata isn’t for the faint hearted. Only attempt this if you are pretty fit and are ready for a serious workout.   Seriously though, Tabata in it’s best form uses a variation of a sprint, so let’s…

Cardio Tabata Double Unders

The perfect use for double unders, another cardio Tabata workout

By Tabata1 | Jul 3, 2017

I hope you’ve been working hard in the gym this week! I’ve gone back to basics and spiced up the origina Cardio Tabata.   If you’ve done double unders before you’ll appreciate how challenging they are, much more so then standard skipping. The demand on your respiratory system not to mention chalfs is pretty high!…

tabata exercise

The Ultimate Tabata Exercise

By Tabata1 | Feb 14, 2016

Get your 5 FREE 20 minute workouts NO spam pledge, we respect your privacy.  Here it is everyone The Original Tabata Exercise Protocol. As done by Mr Tabata himself and his team of speed skaters. I mean he didn’t do it but the original study carried out by Mr. Tabata was by his team of…