Best YouTube Tabata Workouts

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Some of the best Tabata Workouts on YouTube

I’ve been scouring YouTube so you don’t have to and these are some of my favorite tabata workouts.

CrossFit – CrossFit Santa Cruz Tabata Fight Gone Bad Demo

Heres a tough workout, 5 rounds of Tabata no rest! The idea is that you count the reps completed per 20 seconds. So grab some paper and a pen and start writing down what you do. At the end you add up the scores of the weakest rounds (the rounds wioth the least reps), calories for the rower. Then you repeat this workout the following week or whenever and beat your time!

Fight Gone Bad Tabata – So its:

Wall-ball 20 pound ball, 10 ft target. (Reps)
Sumo deadlift high-pull 75 pounds (Reps)
Box Jump 20″ box (Reps)
Push-press 75 pounds (Reps)
Row (Calories)


CrossFit Tabata 2

Here CrossFit trainer and athlete Jim Rego performs an eight station Tabata workout.

Check it out! CrossFit Tabata

Muscle ups
Double unders
Tire flips
Toes to bar
Handstand walk
American swings
GHD Sit Ups

This looks like it’s going to be painful! If you haven’t got a tire you could try heavy deadlifts or hang cleans. Not all of us can walk on our hands, so try overhead lunges or an overhead farmer walk which will help with your shoulder stability.

Home Bodyweight Only Tabata

This is a nice and quick home workout that absolutely anyone can do and is perfect for anyone new to HIIT Training. Here’s what she does;

Here’s the breakdown;

Star Jumps / jumping Jacks
Burpees/ Squat Thrusts
High knees
Push ups/ press ups
2 rounds

You can follow her as she does it in real time, no need for a timer here!

Tabata Workout – HOT ABS in 4 Minutes

Here’s a quite fun one for your abs from Rebekah Borucki or Bex but it’ll get you hot and sweaty for sure!

Here’s a breakdown of what she does.

High knees
sumo squat jumps
squat thrust – mountain climbers
knee grabs
2 rounds

LIVE LEAN: Tabata Training Workout

Here’s a workout from Live Lean TV another good home Tabata workout or when traveling without any equipment. It’s not incredibly hard like some of the other workouts so is great for beginners or when you want a less intense session.

Here’s the breakdown;

Mountain climbers
High knees
Jumping jacks
2 rounds

YouTube is a great platform to show your workouts but remember to link back to us if you try one of our workouts! Or even better,film yourself doing it and send us the link so we can share it on our site!